Basic Wig guide for Cosplay  

Cosplay is a hobby that combines, costume and play. In the western part it is mostly from sci- fi or historical materials. It is an idea for a character from any medium, meaning comic books, manga anime, video games, movies and books.

Cosplay can showcase the talents and creativity of an individual. Some would just like to live the life of their favorite heroes and or villains. Individuals cosplay for different reasons and it is up to the cosplayer as to why. For some it might seem silly however, it is really not, it is another form of art and of self- expression.


In this article we are going to tackle the basic wig guide for cosplay. You can make your own wig if you want or buy a wig and then design it yourself. You can always look for inspiration online or you can also check out hair braiding styles Calgary for looks that you can do with professional help on your own hair if you are playing a character that has similar hair to you. If not then you can always use a wig.

  • Wigs are easier and cheaper to handle than your hair itself. You don’t have to damage your hair with coloring it or products staying on for hours on end if your hair isn’t the same with the character you’re playing. If you plan on changing costumes website it is easier to just take off and then switch than re-styling your hair to complete your other costume.
  • Wigs adds to the fantastical look you’re going for. We cannot deny the fact that fictional characters have unrealistic hair expectation most especially in the anime genre. You won’t have to worry for frizz and for oil. Plus, wigs are thicker and just look more magical.
  • If you are planning to use your costume again wigs are easier to handle as they can be styled and that can stay and can be used again several times.  This will save you the time and money and effort when you are planning to do the cosplay again.
  • The convenience of using a wig will help big time a cosplayer. It is something that is important here are three (3) types of wigs that you should know about.

  • Standard Wigs – these wigs are the wigs that is design to be worn down. Appropriate for most characters with hair that looks normal.
  • Specialty Wigs – wigs that have a special kind of look that is pig- tailed or ponytail. These wigs are designed for characters that have a distinct hair type.
  • Lace front Wigs- these kinds of wigs are expensive but it is appropriate for characters that has a more sleeked back hair look.

No matter what your wig type is there will be a type that will fit you wig needs. Wigs is a great investment for individuals who are in love with dressing up, cosplaying, or some who has medical issues. No matter where you are in your cosplaying just starting or a total veteran it is good to know the many options available out there.

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